The bamboo closet drawer organizer

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A man has an enviable cloakroom , but there is a problem that bothers him all the time . He spent a lot of time tidying up the drawers every day , because there were so many things in the drawers that they would mess up when looking for them . Therefore , he felt that he needed to buy a drawer organizer . He had visited many stores and couldn't find a suitable one for him . In the end , he decided to make a bamboo closet drawer organizer by himself .
First , he drew the drawings he wanted to make . Secondly , he found bamboo materials and tools , and then he made them according to his own drawings . With his unremitting efforts , he made the drawer organizer he wanted . With this drawer organizer , he can save a lot of time to do other things every day .
One day , he looked at the bamboo closet drawer organizer and suddenly an idea came to his mind . “Why can't I make more drawer organizers to sell” . He thought it was a big business opportunity . So , he took the materials and tools he used last time to make the same drawer organizers . Then , He took the drawer organizer to publicize with his good friend . His friend was surprised at his idea and thought that what he had made was very practical , so he bought the drawer organizer and decided to cooperate with him to produce the drawer organizer . With their cooperation , this drawer storage box has been welcomed by many people . At the same time, they designed different styles of bamboo closet drawer organizer , including neckties , watches , socks and so on . In this situation, they began their journey of wealth .

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